Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do animals feel love?

Look at the photograph I took of a mated pair of great egrets and then you tell me if animals can express love. This and many other wildlife and nature photographs are for sale on my website Kenneth Albin Fine Art Photography. My photography there can be bought as framed prints, on canvas, as posters, and as greeting cards.


Anji said...

I think that they do. Someone wrote last summer about the distress of a pair of magpies over the dead body of their chick.

I like the beard, you look very relaxed compaired to your other pic

vishaka said...

Dear Ken, I stumbled upon your blog then was redirected to your new blog. I think it’s so fabulous that you are pursuing a career in photography after retirement from teaching. Your wildlife shots are incredible. I especially love the shot of the two Egrets mating. They are such elegant creatures and you have really captured their beauty. I don’t know about the Egret’s expression of love but it certainly is a lovely shot! Their necks have created such sensuous lines and shapes and it is only enhanced by the bright blue sky as backdrop for the intimate setting of these two birds. I am also a photographer. I have never really been interested in photographing animals but I really appreciate your images. What camera and lenses do you use to capture such rare and fleeting moments? Also, are you self taught or have you taken photography courses before? I always find inspiration and encouragement through browsing other artists .