Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Apparently I blog Once Every Two Years! LOL!

Well, this is embarassing. With my Facebook page, processing photos, and running my commercial photography page I have completely let this blog go to seed. It never had that many viewers anyway and my Facebook page has more than 1000. My apologies. What have I been up to the past two years? More of the same, wildlife and nature photography. We still have 13 cats and a bunny living here, as well as a new family member, Mickie the Amazon Red parrot. Mickie was taken from a friend who had health issues.

I have acquired the Bohemian look now, with a beard and hair down to my shoulders. I always wanted to be a hippie and I can do what I want to do now that I am out of teaching.

Here are a couple of recent photos I took locally at the alligator farm. I am now using a Nikon D5200 camera. My lenses are a Nikkor 55-200mm and a Sigma 150-500mm. If you get a chance come and look me up on Facebook at my home page. I will be happy to accept any friend requests and you can keep up with my current photography efforts there. Until then, hasta la vista!

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Anji Knutsen said...

I wish I'd known about your facebook page! Friend request sent; now I'll be able to keep up with your lovely photos.