Friday, October 30, 2009

Iona Update

I've been completely tied up this week working with Iona. She went in for a check at the vet Thursday. He thought he could get her out of the carrier by wrapping her in her towel but he changed his mind when she started hissing and growling. He looked her over in the cage and said everything looked good so far. Next Thursday she goes in for x-rays to see how the healing is progressing.

Working with a completely feral cat is quite a challenge. It took a few days before Iona would use the litter box regularly. She still greets me with a hiss most of the time but I think she is starting to gain a little trust that I'm not going to grab and harm her. I am feeding her Wellness kitten food. It is probably the best canned food, containing no additives or byproducts. She is about 10 months old but only 5 pounds due to malnutrition so I'm trying to build her up with good nutrition. She is eating very well. Iona has made tiny increments of progress. She touched noses with a couple of our cats through the baby gates so far. Here she is today giving me that famous "eat poop and die" look that she uses when she thinks I am going to get too close.


Jess said...

Wow, if kitty looks could kill!

It's awesome to see that you helped her out, even though she would rather you 'eat poop and die'.

CrazyBunnyLady said...

Looks so sad.

Ken Albin said...

Yes, it is pretty tough for her adjusting to humans and indoor life. I'm seeing tiny amounts of improvement in her each day. Today she stretched out after eating and I was a foot away. With time and a lot of effort she will acclimate well. Her injuries and the necessary medical treatments are interfering with her taming right now. She doesn't understamd all of the changes, the bandages, etc... Once she heals I think it will be easier for Iona to adjust.