Thursday, October 8, 2009

Silver Springs - Last Photo Set

Here are the last of the better photos taken recently at Silver Springs, Florida. It was a very enjoyable outing though I am sad that the park was almost totally vacant. The economic collapse has really hit parks like this one hard and I only saw about 10 cars there. My fear is that places like this will fold up over the next year and we will lose some of the true nature gems in Florida.

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Yes, llamas have an attitude! You can see the smugness in the face of this guy.

This rhea certainly was not shy. She followed us around and was very curious about the camera.

Yes, I know they were just enjoying the morning sun but I can't help but think of this as a reptilian conga line!

Flocks of migrating white ibis were just starting to fly into the park.

Though it's not a nature photo I couldn't resist throwing in this shot taken from a glass bottomed boat. It is a set of underwater statues used in several of the old I Spy television episodes. They also wound up in a James Bond movie as well, serving double duty. They are fiberglass but the scene reminds me of those photos you see in National Geographic of sunken Greek statues.

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Jess said...

That certainly is one smug llama!

Beautiful photographs.